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Thread: possible clog on 2007 22ve

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    possible clog on 2007 22ve

    We just bought the boat a few days ago ran perfect on test drive. We live near the mississippi river and had it run about 2 mins and think something clogged it b/c it started overheating so we turned it off let it cool then put it quickly back on the trailer. I have been searching for a video or pics of how to unclog. Can anyone please help??

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    First thing I would do is check the impeller. It is located on the back of the engine and it is kind of hard to get at but that would be the first thing I look at.

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    Mine has a sediment screen/ filter that is located in the front of the engine compartment left hand side, bolted to the cross brace behind the rear seat. I’d start here, then impeller, if your impeller has com apart. You will also need to clear the debris down line that’ll likely be lodged into the intake of the oil cooler. Good habit to check this intake anytime part of the impeller has been compromised.

    I can snap some pictures if necessary.

    Plan to be screwing around in that area today, replacing the AC Delco spark plug wires (junk) with a set of Taylor Spiro Pro.

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    Follow the routing of the intake water to verify if you have a raw water filter/screen installed. It should be ahead of the drive but I’ve seen them installed after. It’ll be a plastic housing with a screw off clear section that contains the screen.
    If you don’t have one then check the front of the transmission cooler. It’s a little metal cylinder looking thing installed on the starboard side of the engine bay near the bilge flooring. The cooling water hose runs from the drive to it then to the impeller housing. There’s a screen on the drive side of the cooler so disconnect the hose and verify it’s clear. After those I’d move to the impeller and verify it’s condition. If it’s chewed up at all replace it and remove any pieces out of the housing or hoses. They are cheap enough that you may just want to replace it regardless. I change mine each season. is where I’ve found them the cheapest. $30 bucks shipped. Johnson pump number 09-812B-1.
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