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Thread: PCM ZR6 Burning oil/smoke in engine compartment

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    PCM ZR6 Burning oil/smoke in engine compartment

    Hey guys,

    2004 22V with the 6.0 ZR6, closed cooling.

    I'm having issues with burning oil somewhere off the block. There is very little visible smoke to track down but the smell is strong. I'm also getting a weird boiling/popping sound that happens even when the boat is turned off, can't tell where the sound is coming from..

    I had guy come up this evening who works at a shop and he was stumped.

    • Boat runs great
    • I am consuming oil
    • No missing or timing issues
    • Oil pressure around 40-50, goes to 70 or so under full throttle
    • Coolant temps are fine
    • Very little white smoke from exhaust at take off. Otherwise no other smoke from exhaust.
    • Boat ran fine last season, this is a new problem that happened first time on the water this year
    • Risers and manifolds do not seem abnormally hot but the starboard side is a bit hotter
    • Very slight trickle from riser gasket

    Any ideas? Thanks!!
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