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Thread: No power to fuel pump

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  1. No power to fuel pump

    I have a 2003 Tige 22V that does not have power to the fuel pump. i jumped power from the battery to the fuel pump and it runs. My son and I have traced the power back to the main harness and are not finding many fuses and the few we have found are good. There is a live 30 amp fuse that is connected to the ignition and I am thinking of splicing into that for power and then running a ground off of the battery (along with 8 other grounds connected to the battery from the factory). I will run each to a fuse then connect to the fuel pump.

    Does this make sense? Is it a good idea?

    Thanks in advance!


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    2003... does that engine have an ECM? It's a bit early but who knows.

    I'm asking because I worked on an ECM-based engine from 2001 that had fuel pump issues. On many/most/all ECM engines the ECM controls the power to the fuel pump(s) and this one used a transistor (not a relay) to switch power. It appeared the transistor was degrading because the voltage presented to the fuel pump was very low - far too much voltage was being dropped across the transistor, resulting in insufficient fuel pressure and flow. I installed a relay, having the ECM transistor circuit drive the relay's coil which reduced the current requirement as compared to the fuel pump (thus allowing the voltage to stay higher), and drove the fuel pump via the relay. Problem solved, and the reduced current through the ECM transistor hopefully helped slow/stop its degradation. It's been 5-6 years and that boat is still going strong on our lake.

    The point of this is that if an ECM is controlling the fuel pump you don't want to defeat that by hardwiring power to the fuel pump. Trace the harness to see where the fuel pump power comes from. If it's hardwired already, then you probably just have a harness wiring or harness connector issue. But if it's controlled by the ECM, you may need to get a little creative.

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    Check out this post, you might find that it has applicable info.

    Fuel pump? 2002 21V

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