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Thread: Can’t fine the engine fault code.

  1. Can’t fine the engine fault code.

    I’ve looked on some manuals posted online but I could not find the fault code we had today. Any help is greatly appreciated. SPN 3260 FMI 31. 2016 RZX with the indmar 6.2 440.

    It all reset after turning all power off. There was no stored faults but we had a check engine and alarm.

    Thanks all!


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    Those codes sometimes arent what they actually are. You need to hook it up and take a look.

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    All the 3200 series SPNs are o2 related. Been dealing with it a lot lately(on Skiers Choice boats too, its an Indmar issue). Yours in particular is a "microprocesser internal fault" related to the pre cat o2. I will bet you lunch if you pull the pre cat o2s you find rust and or water in the bottom of the exhaust manifold and cat assembly.
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