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Thread: Hydro-turf flooring?

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    When this thread came up I Googled miners miss boat flooring and found some anecdotal evidence from other forums. Tried the search bar here, and couldn't find it but I know for a fact a guy hete did the same thing and even stenciled in a Tige logo with a bomb can.

    EDIT, Google FTW

    Looks like you have been down this hole after re-reading the above thread JJ
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    I may very well end up trying the miners moss but my only hang up is wanting it to be a solid piece in the cockpit area and a separate bow piece. I’ve also thought about just throwing down the same EVA foam I used on my swim deck. Either way I’ll have to pull the carpet, clean the glue out, and gel coat the cockpit area to really make it nice. I’m guessing that will also involve some floor leveling work prior to gel coat.
    Carpet sucks, I really wish Tige’ had gel coated under it in the older model boats. I don’t get why they did in the bow section but not the cockpit. Maybe snap out carpet was an option although I haven’t seen it in the cockpit area in any of the older vintages. Oh well, I secretly really just want another project!

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    I'm not home so I can't measure my floor in the Z3, but I found a place you can get a piece that is 4'x10'. Four feet is the widest they offer, not sure if that's wide enough though.

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    I did the miners moss from the thread above and we absolutely love it. I hated the old wet carpet that never dried. I took a roller of the front of the bow the other day (I wasn’t paying attention but swamped some teenagers in the bow and I thought that was funny). And the flooring was dry shortly afterwords.

    The only problem has been the narrow piece in the bow. I have put the non slip padding on the bottom of the miners moss and non skid tape on the boat and that has reduced most of the movement but it still moves some. I need to add 3 snaps and I think it would be golden.

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    Had hydro turf on the swim deck of a boat that came with it from the factory. It did not last nearly as long as your carpet. I’m guessing about 5-6 years and then it started to come apart and leave specks of hydroturf everywhere. Replaced it with seadek which is worth the price upgrade IMHO


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