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Thread: Front factory ballast bag draining under boat?

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    Front factory ballast bag draining under boat?

    When I fill my front factory high fly ballast bag I’ve been noticing that’s it’s been losing a lot of water. I filled it up to capacity and put the boat back on my trailer and noticed that the bag was emptying through the through hull fitting under the boat. I’m guessing that is where the pump for that bag is. Other than draining the water out the pump seems to be working fine filling the bag. Is this a seal in the pump that is going bad?

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    What type of pump? If it’s an aerator there is typically a check valve on that line to prevent draining. I can’t imagine that would happen with a reversible pump.

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    Tige has had an on a gain off again relationship with check valves in the fill lines. Check the plumbing by the pump and then down in the bilge off the pumps. If you dont see then, then you likely need a couple and this will resolve the passive draining.
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