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Thread: Yellow Mustard coming out of the V-Drive.

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    Okay, I put SAE 30 in the V-Drive. Hooked up the fake a lake, turned on the boat and put it in gear for a bit. Shut everything down and drained the V-drive. I have done this 4 maybe 5 times. It is still coming out yellow. It is not as thick or dark but yellow. The reason I am shutting it down is because I am getting squealing from the V Drive. I put some W-D on the shaft and it stopped, but my temp was getting a little high. Man I am getting tired of filling and emptying this.

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    PCM 50 comes in on Friday, and I don’t want to put it in until it is good to go. That stuff isn’t cheap.

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    Is it getting towards clear and yellow or is it whitish /milkshake/cant see through it yellow still??
    The squealing was your prop shaft running dry in the strut... most likely.
    If the quality of the stuff you are pulling out is getting better then keep flushing it. If it seems like water is still mixing with oil then you have a cooler issue.
    Like I mentioned earlier, some diesel sure seems to do the trick. I'm not a chemist but diesel and water don't separate until the diesel has a lot of water in it, and from what I've seen the diesel will "pick up" the water and save you repeated flushings.

    Honestly though, if you've flushed it 4 times and aren't noticing a substantial change, I'd suspect water is pushing it's way into the case from the cooler. That's most likely why it puked out of the breather. It pushed so much water in that it eventually filles the case and the honey mustard/Dijon slurry took the path of least resistance, which was the breather.

    Have you checked your engine oil as well?? It seems like maybe this poor power train got cold with some water in it....or boated in the salt, a lot...
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    Sorry I forgot to try a bit of diesel. I’m trying that next. I’ll send pictures tomorrow of what I am pullling out. I put some fresh oil in and let it sit, because I freakin ran out of room in my extractor. I’ll tell you this, I can’t see through it...but it is getting better.

    The trans oil looked good. I replaced it anyhow. The engine oil looked good as well. Engine oil replaced 11/17 and impeller 3/18.

    You did hit on a point I myself was worried about. When I buy boats I always look inland. The guy I purchased this boat from said he always used in fresh and he said the previous owner used it only in fresh water as well, but the rudder was pitted and the strut (I guess that’s what it’s called that holds the shaft) was pretty corroded. I took a wire wheel to them to clean them up. I previously had a 2005 mastercraft X-2 and the rudder looked great, nothing like the way this 2009 looked.

    Here’s the cap...


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    Done. 2 gallons of SAE 30 later (w/ a little diesel) and it is coming out pretty clean. I will continue to monitor the V-Drive and wait for the next issue to pop up. Thanks everyone for the help.

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    Glad to hear it. Definitely put a load on it and check it again. Hopefully you've worked through the list on this boat and can simply enjoy it for a little while

    Did some quick googling and found some seal for that v drive but not the cooler. Worst case I found a complete box.....for 2500. If it milks out and you suspect the cooler Id reach out to PCM direct.
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