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Thread: Engine does not stay on sacked out.

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    Engine does not stay on sacked out.

    Hey everyone. Brand new to the site, I just bought my first boat this year! I have a 2001 Tige 21V. Boat is in great shape and runs great for the most part (350hrs). We sacked the boat out last weekend to give wakesurfing a try but didn't get very far because I couldn't get the boat running after the bags were full. Boat turned over but was cutting out as soon as I backed the key from turning the starter to the on position. I pumped the water out of the bags and again tried to turn the boat on and it fired right up and stayed on.

    I had 350lbs in each rear locker and 500lbs in the front. Only 4 people in the boat. Guy who owned it before me said he sacked it out from time to time and never had a problem. Any ideas as to what might cause this?

    On a side note. The boat has perfect pass and it seems to take a fair bit of driving around before it wants to work. Is this typical? If not, what are some possible fixes for it?

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    I had a 07 21i way back and if I sacked it out it go into limp mode due to the angle and list of the boat and I
    Ended up putting a 1/2 qt of oil more in it and it took care of the issue just a though
    surf till u die.

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    For the perfect pass, check the paddlewheels to see if they turn freely. I have an 05 with perfect pass and the only other issue I've had is a loose ground so it kept beeping at me and shutting off when going over waves. Other than that, it works right from the start.

    I had two paddlewheels for the boat. One on the hull and the other in the back under the swim platform. I'd check both.

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