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Thread: 22i ballast questions/help

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    22i ballast questions/help

    Just trying to get some info on what guys are running for ballast set up in the 22i with the two rear lockers. I’m picking up the boat Friday and want to start working on ideas for what will work best and still leave some storage in the hatches. What size bags can fit in them and what else anyone may have found for options to get good surf? I’d probably like to go with a generic set up for now with a plug in pump and not have to plumb everything in, but eventually may want to. I’m also fabbing up my diy suckgate this week just waiting on my hdpe to be delivered. Any advice is appreciated and pics of your set up and wake would be awesome!

    Also here is the new ride I’ll be out on lake conroe in Texas doing some wake boarding and learning to surf 
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