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Thread: Kid's Video - Summer 2017

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    Kid's Video - Summer 2017

    My middle son makes a music video every year of our summer on the boat... took him a while this time, but got it out just before the season! Always a blast for the family and our friends!

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    great video!

    If you shorten the line to just behind the rooster tail and drop the speed to 18 MPH for your wakeboarding, it will make it a lot easier for folks to jump the wake and not get crushed. Then, slowly increase line length as they get air time. Had a guy that would consistently charge the wake, case the other side every time and take a thorough beating every time. Moved him in 5 feet and presto, he was smooth and in control. Anywho, keeping it slower and short-lined has makes it way more fun and safe to learn wake to wake.


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