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    Is it normal that the veins on the impeller are bent opposite directions like this? Do I need to change my impeller? My temp stays right around 175 plus or minus a few degrees. I have the marine power 5.7 340 raw water cooled. Is that the right temp for the engine? I’m guessing it is a 165 thermostat as of right now does that sound right to you guys? Or should it be 143?

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    Impeller veins should all be "flexed" in the same direction like the three veins in the 2 and 3 o'clock positions in your photo. Impellers are relatively cheap, and with your slightly elevated engine temperature I would replace the impeller and pick up a spare to keep as a "weekend saver". The photo below is from Lee's post on replacing impellers and shows you the direction the veins should be in.
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    The vanes should all be bending towards the left if looking at it, IE the impeller rotates clockwise. After I install one I bump the starter to set the rotation. If you just cram it in and leave it, it can take a set.


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    Thanks guys I will replace the impeller tomorrow before heading to the lake just in case!

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