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Thread: Bag won't fill...

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    Bag won't fill...

    2013 z3

    The rear driver side bag will not fill. I can hear the pump motor running but no water is going in.

    Where should I start looking for a remedy?

    As long as we're on bilge pump motor is either totally silent or not working...I can not hear it at all???

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    Was the shut off before the pump turned off at some point?

    You may have an air lock in the fill line. Remove from bag while the pump is on and start sucking. As soon as the water starts coming out put it back on the bag.

    For the bilge stick your head down by it and have someone hit the switch to see if it turns on or not.

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    I sucked up a weed into inlet which wouldn’t let water pass into the pump.

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    Ball valve closed
    debris in intake
    air lock due to pump body/outlet orientation.

    Bilge pump should be audible. May not be loud, but not silent. Check fuse/breaker for bilge output. You can put the drain plug in and fill the bilge with water and see if the auto bilge kicks in. This confirms the motor.
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