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Thread: Transom tie downs

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    The trailers with the steps really make it hard for the straps the new ones have a little slit fit it to go through.

    This one just seems silly...

  2. I have a 2018 R21 with the base trailer and I added the mounted retractable tie downs. The predrilled location on mine is directly below the transom lift eyes and does not interfere with the Taps plates. I added sheep skin sleeves (not pictured below) to keep them from scuffing up the gel coat.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bsreid View Post

    This one just seems silly...

    Considering you could take the stick-on reflector off and fit the ratchet straps between the lights,
    You'll get your chance, smart guy.

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    ^that is just wrong!

    I suggested to my friend that he remove that reflector and weld a bracket on it. Easy fix but should already be like that.

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    Transom tie downs

    I had my Boatmate trailer custom rigged by the fine folks at Germaine marine on my 16 Z3 due to the fact that the taps plates wouldn’t allow the ratcheting straps to hook to the lift sling. I believe the issue arose due to taps3 being added to the Z3 unbeknownst to Boatmate. If your trailer didn’t have the steps as posted above, it was a simple correction. With the step however, there is a section that needs to be cutout and the strap relocated to reach the sling eye without hitting the taps plates. Mounting the strap to the rear step (ie between the lights in place of the reflector) there is not a significant amount of bracing or strength in that area making the straps basically useless. They need to be mounted to a beam or crossbeam where there is the strength to hold up to the stress. I believe Boatmate stopped offering the step after the issue was brought to there attention. They weren’t willing to help out with the refit of mine either. I refuse to not have the rear straps mostly to prevent the boat from bouncing on the bunks.

    Edit-Looking closer to that picture, you would be going to the beam, so you could relocate to that point. On my trailer, there is a step welded to that point and is not strong enough to put the strap there.
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