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Thread: Finishing my custom swim platform!!!!!

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    Finishing my custom swim platform!!!!!

    I have been thinking of building a nice wood swim step since I saw Brad's at the 2016 reunion and I finally pulled the trigger! I am almost done!!!! Just need to touch up with the orbital sander, route the edges and do another coat of oil!! Here are some build pics - what do y'all think???

    Shout out to Brad (Throttlebody) for helping me with the dimensions!!!!

    Boat: 24V
    Material: Ironwoods Ipe
    Glue: Tight Bond III
    Screws: 1 inch stainless countersunk 1/2 inch; 1-1/2 inch stainless lag screws to platform brackets; 1 inch stainless kreg jig screws for pocket holes on frame
    other tools: door board, circular saw, jig saw, belt sander, orbital sander
    Oil/Sealer: regular end grain sealer on end grain and Penofin Marine Oil and penetrating sealer on top

    Total build time: about 2 weekends once I actually got the nerve to make my first cuts

    1) I started by making a perfectly sized template from particle board with all of my measurements.


    2) Then I constructed the under frame using a door board for cuts, speed square for the angles, a kreg jig, and many clamps. I am still undecided on whether or not I am going to install the under-mount ladder. Sealed the entire under-frame with end-grain sealer for durability.


    3) from there I laid out my top pieces and used the old fiberglass platform to draw out and jigsaw the transom curve. Screwed these from the bottom up. total thickness is about 1-1/2 inches so I used inch long stainless screws and countersunk them 1/2 inch to ensure they bite into the top boards without going all the way through. Pre-drilling the holes with the proper size bit is a must otherwise the wood splits easily! I also used tight bond III on all joints as over kill. You need at least 3 36 inch clamps and a handful of small clamps.


    4) cut out the final shape with a door board I made out of mdf.

    5) did a light sand and oil. Still need to do another sand and coat of oil.
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