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Thread: Tige’ customer service

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    Tige’ customer service

    Not sure where to start. Tige’ customer service is among the absolute best I have ever seen. Little things as simple as answering an email. We have only been Tige' owners for about six weeks.

    1-The first time I looked up an email address on their website I sent it asking for a copy of the build sheet so I could know some of the accessories and which ballast package was on the boat. Had an email from Justin at Tige’ within two days with a copy of the options sheet from Tige’.

    2-Emailed Tige' a second time. Asking about the VX brackets. My brackets were first generation. Asked if there was aPossibility to get the new updated brackets for my boat. I did not receive an email back for almost a week. So I resent the exact email again and within 24 hours I had a reply, again from Justin, asking me for a mailing address.

    3- After this weekend’s incident with the prop I called Wake Effects in Osage beach at the lake of the Ozarks. That is where I bought the boat. I talked to Nick about the situation and the prop. He came right out and said that he was not overly familiar with Tige' hull designs and strongly recommended that I call Tige' directly and ask them if they have a prop recommendation that would be an upgrade from the original prop that came with the boat. I looked up Tige' telephone number on the Tige' boats website and got directly through to an operator. When I explained to her what I was wanting to ask she automatically ship me to a technician. Low and behold Justin answered the phone. Explain to him about the boat and the prop and he came right back with the recommendation of an Acme 1235 . We made some small talk about the boat and how much we were enjoying it then I asked if he was the guy from that email. He replied yes and I told him how good it was to finally talk to him after all the help he has given me.

    I get home tonight andbthe UPS man pulls in behind me. Hands me a box from TX...
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    Justin in the man. Suoer busy guy that always seems to find time to help. Glad you are enjoying your Tige experience.

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    I've had nothing but great interaction as well. Bought my brothers boat, took too long to get the warrantee transferred and they did it anyways. Replaced the touch screen no problem a few months ago. Overall a great company to work with for me.

    Another great customer service company is OJ props. I'm an OJ guy for life because of the way they treat customers....and their props are great.

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    @MJ021 You mentioned using Wake effects in osage, and wanted to mention that is just a few blocks from Wake Effects. They are a great Tige dealer and Joe, Jeff and his mechanic Barry would've been more then willing to get you hooked up with parts needed even though you didn't buy from them.

    IF you call or stop in there tell them Jeremy sent you!

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    Justin is the man for sure! He knows what he is talking about without any BS...which I like greatly!

    I think I still owe him a few beers too...

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    This is why I'll be a tigé owner for life. This site always keeps me loyal too believe it or not.

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    I agree with JLG. It is great when corporate can handle your problems, but a local dealer is often what is needed. Establish a relationship with them. A good dealer is worth their weight in gold when the boat has issues.
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