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    Tige’ customer service

    Not sure where to start. Tige’ customer service is among the absolute best I have ever seen. Little things as simple as answering an email. We have only been Tige' owners for about six weeks.

    1-The first time I looked up an email address on their website I sent it asking for a copy of the build sheet so I could know some of the accessories and which ballast package was on the boat. Had an email from Justin at Tige’ within two days with a copy of the options sheet from Tige’.

    2-Emailed Tige' a second time. Asking about the VX brackets. My brackets were first generation. Asked if there was aPossibility to get the new updated brackets for my boat. I did not receive an email back for almost a week. So I resent the exact email again and within 24 hours I had a reply, again from Justin, asking me for a mailing address.

    3- After this weekend’s incident with the prop I called Wake Effects in Osage beach at the lake of the Ozarks. That is where I bought the boat. I talked to Nick about the situation and the prop. He came right out and said that he was not overly familiar with Tige' hull designs and strongly recommended that I call Tige' directly and ask them if they have a prop recommendation that would be an upgrade from the original prop that came with the boat. I looked up Tige' telephone number on the Tige' boats website and got directly through to an operator. When I explained to her what I was wanting to ask she automatically ship me to a technician. Low and behold Justin answered the phone. Explain to him about the boat and the prop and he came right back with the recommendation of an Acme 1235 . We made some small talk about the boat and how much we were enjoying it then I asked if he was the guy from that email. He replied yes and I told him how good it was to finally talk to him after all the help he has given me.

    I get home tonight andbthe UPS man pulls in behind me. Hands me a box from TX...
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