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Thread: 2006 20V startup Help

  1. 2006 20V startup Help

    I have a 2006 20V. My helm lights come on, Gauges all come on but my battery voltage meter doesn’t kick on. All batteries are brand new. Any ideas? It clicks when I turn it over but otherwise nothing. Should I be looking at a new alternator or starter? It ran perfect when we put it up for winter and was stored all winter in a heated garage. So hard to think something significant happened.

    Any help Or direction would be huge! Hoping to get it running before Memorial Day weekend.

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    Are the batteries new this season and never used? If so, you might have a connection wrong or missing. If they were installed last season and sat all winter without being charged, they might be low.
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    My first thought is a connection issue on your boat. The 10v on the gauge does concern me. Can you check it with a volt meter at the gauge to see what you are getting?

    Can you jumper the starter manually? – If you don’t know how to do this, don’t attempt.

    My second thought is that the boat has a bad starter. Maybe the solenoid is throwing out like it should but the starter isn’t spinning.
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  4. Got the voltage gauge to fire up normally, however still no luck when I try to turn it over. All gauges are normal, fuel
    Pump primes and I have power to my starter. But the engine doesn’t even attempt To crank over.

    Do you have a part number and a link to a starter install for the MP 5.7 310HP motor?



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