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Thread: Digging into the Medallion Touch Screen

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    Digging into the Medallion Touch Screen

    I'm no EE but I thought I would take a stab at what kind of serviceability these things have and also to look in the future of replacements. As these things fail, some dealerships could keep them for parts.

    This screen I have has lost touch functions. I have a feeling its the interface board. I'm at a stand still until I can get my hands on another screen that has some other type of damage. I wanted to lay out the components in case anyone was interested or if they wanted to take this project further than I am capable of. I'm not handing out any secrets. This is all stuff any of your could see/do if you removed your screen and pulled it apart.

    Basic Layout and components
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    This is for the display. Input from RCA output from cable to display.

    This is the step up voltage controller for the screen and back lighting. It will shock you if you touch the back side with the system on. Hole in finger and i'm still not feeling right lol! Do not mess with this one if the system is powered on.

    Ribbon cable for the capacitive touch portion of the screen. This plugs into the board. My suspicion is that the board is what fails when they lose touch, not the screen itself(overlay).
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    Is that the Tige Touch 1?

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    Yes it is. TT2 is Murphy.

    Hey Koolaid,
    Do you think Medallion stocks any of those components individually?? I'm assuming they didn't build them, I wonder if they would tell a guy who did??
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    I've repaired a couple tv's now but I'm just a parts changed and just switch out the bad board. At least I got the diagnosis right. Funny how 50$ can bring stuff back to life.
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    It appears that the only components medallion makes on it is the screen overlay with the glass, the green board and the rear housing. I am thinking they will not sell any of the internal components. Screen really wasn't designed to be serviceable, kind of like most smart phones, but could be.
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  6. Digitizer

    Do you still have this screen? I believe the problem many of us are witnessing on these screens is due to a bad digitizer. If you still have this open can you take the screen off to see the digitizer by itself? I want to see if I can source this part. There should be some numbers laser engraved to the side of the glass.


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    Chunked it a while ago. Had a really sticky, clear solution between the digitizer and the screen itself. When the screens look like they have water in them, its really an air bubble of the screen separating from the digitzer. That fluid starts leaking out into the housing. Didn't want to pull that portion a part and make a hell of a mess.
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