1. We test drove the boat yesterday and brought it home. Tonight we are supposed too have4-6 hours below freezing, what should I do? Will just a light bulb in the engine compartment work or put a space heater in the boat?

2. It has the Wetsounds speakers on the towers. I have the covers for them, should they be put on when we're not using the boat? Or do they trap moisture?

3. The dealer had to replace an amp before we bought the boat. I was messing with the radio last night and could not pick up a single station. Is there an antenna wire that may have been unplugged.

4. It has an LED light on the transom under the swim platform...where is the switch to turn that one on?

5. Is it true that I can not listen to music on from my phone, even when using an AUX cord, without using the Perfect Pull app?

I am sure more will come...

Thank you,

Union, MO