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Thread: 2003 22v Wont Start or Turn over

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    I will send you one sometime today. Shoot me a message with you email address.

    The red wire from the ECM to battery was on the port side, bundled up by the exhaust manifold. Then it went straight to the battery. This was on '05 or so model marine powers and I cannot recall if the '03 was that way as well.
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  2. Just a quick update I've talked to mechanics, tige, and marine power about my issues and all say it's a voltage / grounding problem. They all have been super helpful with advice and schematics, but after testing rewiring all grounds I still have the same issue. I did find out that what I thought was the high pressure pump of my lower pressure fuel pump and both pumps do come on once the ignition is turn on to pressure up. This is the only thing I get from the engine along with the constant beep from the RPM gauge.

    Ive cleaned and re-grounded ever ground on the engine / ECU harness and all power is good. My next step is to tear apart mine console wiring and possibly send off the ECU to get tested.

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    I think your ECM is at the bottom of the page for 129$ if it comes to that. Wont kill you.

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    Issue isn't at the console if you have power at the purple wire and at the yellow/red wire (when turning key to start) at the 10 pin connector. Validate you have power on those two wires at the 10 pin before you go digging into the dash.

    Power comes from the 10 pin to the ignition key set. Then power back to engine goes from key (purple wire) through the kill switch then back to the engine at the 10 pin. The yellow/red gets momentary power from the red wire at the key switch, which goes back to the 10 pin for crank request.

    If you have all of that, its on the engine side which could be a relay, ecm, fuse or lack of power to the ECM (if it has the separate red wire).
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  5. I have 12volts on the purple Ignition wire, the yellow/red in crank posision and ground from console thru the 10pin and into the engine harness. All three fuses are good with 12 volts on the engine harness. I've also moved the four relays around with no change of state. I do have four relays on order and marine power told me to ground high pressure pump directly to the engine block for a better ground.

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    Good! Leave the dash/console alone then :-)
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  7. thanks will do.

  8. After weeks of more troubleshooting I finally ship Marine power the ECM and was to told that it was not communicating and most likely damaged from lightning or some type of voltage spike. This boat has not been outside since it was last used and nothing else in the boat is damaged including the four amps.
    My next step is to send it to OBD repair in California to see if they can repair it unless anyone has a place they recommend.

    At this point I'm just trying to safe from having to drop $1000 on a new ECM from marine power. The ECM is a MEFI-5A and would entertain the idea of a used unit if anyone know anyone with one or sale.

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    Is it possible that the key/ign switch was on when you connected the batteries?

    When you connect wires to the battery post the small spark can be 10ks of volts and damage stuff. When designing ECUs we had specific requirements for this. The problem is both the size of the spikes and the length of the bounce (in time), the longer the spike the harder it is to protect for...

  10. Do you have a photo of this 10 pin connector? Is it on the engine side or The dash side?

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    Did you jump the starter like we discussed?
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    Here's a bit of a longshot for you: I'm pretty sure the MEFI-5a uses a GM E67 delphi computer. I'd call any of the online MEFI tuners and see if they could wipe a stock GM computer and rewrite it to MEFI. Then jump on ebay or the like and purchase an E67 ecm for like $100. Then send it to your online store and have them tune it.

  13. Sorry for the delayed response but been super swamped with work. Well good news after installing the new ECU from marine power today its alive and running.

    The only issue I'm having now is the RPM gauge still giving off constant beep or tone while running. The LCD screen on the gauge is completely filled in and needle stays at zero while engine is running. I'm assuming what ever took the ECU out took the gauge as well.

    Does anyone know where or have a gauge for sale.

  14. Well after running the engine for about 15min this morning the tach gauge stopped beeping needle started to move and its fully functional. I ran the engine for about another 30 min and 15-20 restart cycles still all good.

    I will hit the water next weekend to see how she runs under load.

    Just wanted to say thanks to all for helping me out.

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    How do you bypass the neutral safety switch? I think mine went bad because starter won't fire. When I turn the ignition I just hear a click at the starter. I don't think the starter is bad, I'm guessing an electical problem or the neutral safety switch. Maybe starter solenoid?
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