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Thread: 2000 2100v Limited floor drains

  1. 2000 2100v Limited floor drains

    New to Tige, been around lots of supras. So the boat doesn't seem to have any drains for the front or mid compartments? typically this stuff can either drain to the back or into the bilge? I'm wondering if the last owner glassed over them or something. I know he did some epoxy coating on the wood floor. Also wondering whats under the floor in the nose? It seems hollow but no access. The supras I've been on had either a locker or ballast up there.

    Also looking at replacing the dash bezel (part that holds the gauges). Has anyone found new ones? Tige dealer says they can't get any. I was thinking of making a new one from HDPE if I can't source one. Anyone have experience with this stuff?
    Looking for replacement snap in carpet sources.


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    Not sure about the drains. I recarpeted the main compartment of one last year but didn’t get into the strorage lockers.

    Good luck finding dash parts. I’m pretty sure they are all gone. Can you save the one you have by repairing it. Depending on the damage, you could either cover it or build a new one out of carbon fiber using the old one as a mold or something. I managed to keep mine when I did my dash rebuild but I figure I’ll have to build new ones if I ever do that again.
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  3. Thanks for the reply. Do your front storage areas stay wet then? Seems weird that they wouldn't expect some water up there. I may be able to repair the current one, It's warped some, so may be a lost cause.

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    Except for the area between the inner stringers under the floor has been injected with foam.

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