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Can you do me a favor and take pictures, and maybe do a write up?

I've got a 2014 Z3 and my steering wheel is nearly unturnable.

Last season was my first season having a boat lift, and I had no idea that just having my boat on a lift was putting me at risk of freezing up my steering. I've been debating on whether I need to take it to the dealer or do it myself.
As promised, here is a vid of the entire process (please forgive the poor lighting and not-great quality... it was off my GoPro headband): https://youtu.be/mbxO5TzYvxQ (23 mins). Tools used were the same as what was mentioned in the steering thread here: http://www.tigeowners.com/forum/show...steering-cable. I would add to the list, however:

-An assortment of phillips screw drivers/screwgun (to remove panels)
-A grease gun with marine lithium grease (for the rudder box and to lube the cable end inside the support tube)
-Plenty of zip-ties to reattach things and/or get them out of your way
-Channel-lock pliers (if you're like me and your 1-1/8" crescent wrench won't fit in the workspace)
-A ratchet wrench with an assortment of fittings
-You will definitely want an LED worklight. Something you won't heat up in the small area.
-A wire coat-hanger

I did not need to remove my existing cable first. There was a reasonable amount of room to work with... but your mileage may vary. If you're a big guy (I'm 6'-2" and around 260#), plan on getting into some really tight spaces and being uncomfortable. A (much skinnier) friend of mine came over to help towards the end and he could very easily get in and out of the rear lockers. Lesson learned... pay your smaller friends with pizza and drinks and let them climb down into the bilge

Hope this helps!