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Thread: 04 Tige 22V: Is this OEM Ballast?

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    04 Tige 22V: Is this OEM Ballast?

    I'm starting to get motivated to get the boat ready for spring and want to clean up the ballast. The boat came with this ballast, I ran it all last year with good results but I want to replace a few of the pumps. My main concern is that the shutoff doesn't close, need to reposition it. A barb on pump broke and it could have been ugly if I didn't catch it.

    Anything you'd change on this set up? I'm not going to redesign the set up, with that big intake at the transom I'm pretty much stuck with this design.
    I want to replace at least two of the 500 gph pumps with something faster. What would fit in easily, any new pumps out there? Really the 500's weren't awful but faster is better.
    Please excuse the dirty bilge lol
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