First off I'm pumped. First Tige and first brand new boat. Old boat is a Malibu VLX. It came down to getting another VLX or the RZR. Both seem great but got way more options and a better looking boat for less money with RZR. I'm on a tiny 2000' slalom lake with restrictions so RZR was my only option with Tige. I'm still finalizing my colors and still have time to add or subtract options if I want. The way I have it ordered now I have metal flake gel coat upgrade, The top end stereo with Rev 10's on Tower, Surf Pipe, Steering wheel controls, under water transom lights x2, Bimini. The RZR comes pretty loaded so there wasn't much to add. Would love to hear from others if there was an option they really wish they would have gotten or one they paid for and didn't use. I did not get the surf link remote since we are not great at surfing and have been told most don't use it much.

One thing I'm really on the fence about is the coverall cover. its only a few hundred more. Dealer says its significantly harder to install. My boat stays on a covered lift. I like the idea of keeping dirt and spider webs off the tower and speakers. Since I have the power tower its easy to lower. But they have me concerned I will regret getting the coverall due to the hassle of installing it. I think his experience might be doing it with the boat on the trailer though. It would be easier on the dock.

Thanks and happy to be part of the Tige Family.