Hey everyone,

Tucked the boat in for the winter this year (1997 Tige PRE2150WT DD), properly winterized, almost a full tank of gas with Stabil in it. I have it stored under cover in my barn but still exposed to the cold temperatures (sometimes up to -20C).

All was good until December when we got our first cold snap. Walked by the boat and had a strong smell of fuel coming from it. Jumped in and sure enough fuel in the bilge. I cleaned it all up and waited to see if I would get any more, after a couple days I had another small pool of fuel sitting there. Checked my fuel lines as far as I could see underneath the fuel tank which is in the very back of the boat. No visible leaks anywhere that I could see, pretty tight in there tho.

I figure I will need to tear apart the back of the boat to trace what looks like a small leak from a hose or fitting? Any thoughts or things to look for? Any help is appreciated.