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Thread: Over tower boat cover

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    Over tower boat cover

    I have a 2008 22ve and looking to buy an over the tower cover. Anyone have any experience/recommendations with these? Pictures would be great if you have them.


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    We only have one customer that we service with an over the tower cover. Ive never taken it all the way off but just taking enough off to get in to service isn't super easy. Mostly due to multiple tie downs to trailer as it gets towed and is also a very bulky material that was used. I always just fold it up to the tower and let it rest on th tower when I service it. It was built by a local shop here in Boise that I don't care much for their finished product. There is another guy locally that builds covers that does a great job. Ive been in a sailboat that he built a cover for that goes over mast when folded and had zipper doors built in for access. His company is Extreme Covers, owner is Dave. We sublet a lot of cover repair and also send anyone that wants a custom cover built to him.
    Otherwise the new covers from Tige that go over tower when folded are awesome(so are the same ones for the new Supras). With tower folded they are remarkably easy to install for just one person once you get your program down. I have heard they are trailerable as well but haven't tried it. I'm sure we will for boat show if the weather is crummy.

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    Trailer everywhere with ours. Be silly to get a newer boat without it.

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    Back in the good ol' days a 2006 22ve
    you will likely have to do 2 things 1) haul the boat to the custom cover shop for them to measure and make the cover 2) fabricate a stable stand to hold and tower while down.

    One down side to the 08 tower, is having to remove the bullet uprights all the time, just to fold down and cover the boat.
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