Just wanted to put this question out to the TO world -- if you could move to waterfront property to be able to surf year round, where would it be?

We're strongly considering moving away from the Denver area -- we love Denver, just don't like putting an expensive boat in storage. This is probably a 2-3 year plan, however, I'm getting to the point of starting to think about buying a final property (retirement is about 25 years away).

Our current leading idea is somewhere in the Austin area; we have family in Arizona; though we're really wide open to ideas, hence the callout.

Here are the 'must-haves' we're trying to keep in consideration:
  • Dockable lake front property, ability to build a trolley/boat house
  • Minimal HOA intrusion
  • Willing to custom build if we can't find the house we want
  • Total budget, either buying or building, will probably cap at about $500k
  • Minimum 1 acre, prefer 2-5
  • Ability to boat year round (we'll go out in 50*/50*)
  • Within 45-60min of a decent metropolitan area for the wife's work
  • Within 1-1.5hours of an international airport for my work
  • Other things I'm not thinking of???