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Thread: Which starter?

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    Which starter?

    Good evening folks,

    My starter solenoid is starting to go on my 2000 21v. I’m going to use this opportunity to replace the whole assembly as it’s 17years old.

    Can anyone tell the difference between these two units? Different part numbers.

    Serial number


    Thank you,

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    Couldn't tell you from descriptions in those two links.
    Sierra 18-5913 is the one we usually replace with. Merc parts are a bit pricey. I would guess the first starter is your starter based on part number. A lot of 350 merc inboard parts have 869##### A# designations.
    If you want to be sure go to Mercs website, open their parts catalog and put in your serial. Should bring up starter. Lots of merc P/Ns crossreference so there is a good chance the two you listed are the exact same starter. Just fyi the merc parts catalog isn't really smartphone compatible so view on a desktop or laptop.
    There are some even cheaper starters out there. Just need a marine grade starter for 5.7l gm block(will also fit 5.0 and 4.3l v6 gm blocks). If you are running for OEM parts then go the above route.

    Good luck
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    We use the Arco 30470 as the replacement.


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