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Thread: Prop for 2015 RZR- What is OEM and What is best "upgrade"?

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    Since you already hava an upgraded prop, theres nowhere really to go, but buy a 2nd 1235. if it was my, id look for fresh take-off 537. Very common to find them real cheap as they get upgraded quite often. This site as well as others. One of those and weekend saver kit for a deal would keep you on the water if the 1235 ever got wrecked.
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    Quote Originally Posted by bsreid View Post
    I still find that strange when comparing to my very similar setup. Have you tried a new 1433
    No, I haven't. Not a lot of other guys to borrow from around here.

    I think my vibration issue could have been from a prop install that was incorrect. Either way, the 1235 just seems to be more graceful. Hard to explain.

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    I have a stock RZR prop. Took it off the first year. Collecting dust if anyone wants a deal on a backup. Out of town but can get the number this weekend


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