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Thread: Save $$$ at Sky Ski!!

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    Save $$$ at Sky Ski!!

    I just received an email from them this morning. It seems like a very good offer. They were one of the sponsors at our West Coast Reunion. Good products and great people. I hope it helps someone out looking for one of their products. I'm not a foiler but I own their comptech safety trick releases.

    From now until Thanksgiving you can save 15% on all in-stock inventory!!

    Discount code: 15off

    Do you LOVE to Hydrofoil?

    We do!! If you help us spread the Hydrofoil love we will give you stuff!
    Here's how it works:

    From now until Christmas, you refer a friend and they buy a ski (any model), this is what you get:

    They recieve 15% off that ski for being reffered by you.

    You receive 15% off any order between now & Christmas.

    Just give us a call at (530) 244-6837, and tell us who your friend is. Then have your friend call and order their ski and both of you save big $$$!
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