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Thread: Winterizing Z30 With Raptor 6.2L base engine

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    Question Winterizing Z30 With Raptor 6.2L base engine

    Hey! I'm winterizing a 2015 Z30 with base 6.2L Raptor and plug n play additional ballast. Wondering a couple things.
    1. First did I drain everything I need to?
    2. Also, how do I fill the fresh water system with antifreeze?
    3. How do I add antifreeze to the ballast system?
    4. Listed what I've done below. Have I missed anything?

    What I have done:
    1. Pulled drain plugs and impeller for fresh water system.
    a. I pulled a brass plug from hose going into the heat exchanger from the water pump
    b. I pulled the brass plug/node from the heat exchanger
    c. I pulled the hoses that cross from the manifold apart from the Center fitting and drained
    d. I pulled the brass plug/node from the front of the V-drive.
    e. I removed the fresh water pump impeller. (Inspected - It is. Little hard so will replace in spring)

    2. Oil change was done first.

    3. Fuel stabilizer is in the tank and system.

    4. Haven't fogged cylinders yet, but this looks simple.

    Have I missed anything?
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    Same question for 2016 R20. Same engine, V-Drive.


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    All looks good.
    On the ballast, ethylene glycol antifreeze can be poured in the vent hoses on the rear ballast and the empty hose on the fronts.
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    Dont confuse fresh water system with raw water system. I made that mistake when reading the manual on one of these hybrid engines and it totally mindf&*$ed me! Fresh water is the closed system(coolant) raw water is lake water which is all you’re concerned with draining to winterize. Pull the manifold drains too, they’re easy to get to. I got quite a bit of water outta the 15 RZ2 I did.
    You can pull the fuel pump relay out(top of the engine) so that you don’t squirt gas into the cylinders when you crank it to rotate the cylinders when fogging. Fuel will wash the fogging oil right off the cylinders.
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