Went out our final time yesterday, air and water were both 52*, loving the heaters and the dry suit. Schedules just aren't going to let us get out anymore, so I winterized yesterday.

That let me do the final math this morning on the first season. 65 hours, averaging fuel use came in at 5.99 gallons per hour (5.48 since O2 sensor replaced). Does that sound about right for surfing at altitude (SurfXL +500lb, Acme 2419@3100rpm, 4 adults+kids)?

We routinely ended our days on E, however, I usually never filled with more than 26 gallons (usually around 4-5 hours of engine time). I know that the fuel gauges are notoriously off.

The question I have is just how far can I push it before the pickup starts to struggle and I'll be sweating to get it back on the trailer? Even playing it safe with 7 gallons per hour, with a 48 gallon tank, by the math, I should have 6.5+ hours of engine time. Do I need to have a reserve of 5? 10? gallons to make sure it always has fuel available to load on the trailer. I know I can plow bow up to get fuel to the back of the tank, I want to be sure I can idle and maneuver with any stumbling.