Hey all! I'm trying to get the raw water portion of this engine/drive drained before a freeze Sunday evening. It's a 2012 RZ2 with a PCM zr409 half and half system and the manual says to drain the heat exchanger, remove the large hose from the circ pump, and remove engine block plugs. Simple enough right? Wrong!! I can't for the life of me see how anyone could get to these block plugs which are actually knock sensors. (which of course the manual doesn't mention) I can't even get my hand in far enogh to touch them much less unclip the knock sensor plug and get a wrench on it.
Anyone have any tips? Am I missing something? I'm thinking of fitting a hose onto a fake a lake and sucking antifreeze into the raw water portion.
At this point I'd just love to smack the people responsible for writing this pitiful excuse for a manual.