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Thread: 21v Ballast Thru Holes????

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    21v Ballast Thru Holes????

    Just got my supplies in to plumb in my back bags. But I have just figured out my trailer bunks are really ruining my plans. You guys with 21v's where is talks thru holes in the bottom of your boat?

    It's pretty narrow between the bunks. I have been using the plug port as my guide.


    Did y'all go behind the bunks back by the transom?


    Inside The boat there seems to be all kinds of room but all that open space Is above the trailer bunks. So the thru hole seems to have to be real close to the vdrive. Which I guess isn't a problem but would need to put a 90elbow somewhere on it


    I'm trying to install 2 aerator pumps off of a T but I'm starting to think I might need that 90 elbow or a couple of them. Or instead of screwing the T into the shutoff valve have a section off hose connecting the shut off valve and the T which would allow me me to route the hose to where ever I put the pumps?


    any suggestions? I was really wanting to use the T for these two pumps. Any pics of how talks is setup with the thru hole?


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    You may be able to squeeze it in in front of the depth sounder by using a 90 off the forward leg of the tee to turn the pump in between the V-Drive and tank. Near the transom may work, but for me the only decent space back there was where the bilge pump has been relocated to. I ended up going with reversible pumps mostly due to how crowded it would have been. I was able to put one through hull with tee in between the plug and the tank just off to the right side to get onto a flat area of hull. This is a bit tight for both the valve and plug, but there's enough room I can access and manipulate them both.

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    We usually do reversibles with one on either side about where you proposed in your pic. Could you try putting 2 more 90s on the T to get the pumps pointed upright and still have enough room to re-install back seat over them??

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    I assume this is for a L & R set up? I personally would go the 2 thru hull route so you don't have to wait to fill one side then the other. Once you make one hole, what's a second? I ran a 90 of the thru hull on mine. Running the 90 can also let you put the hole in one spot and pipe over to another that provides better fit. Also, it's been noted in the past to try and keep your thru hull away (not inline) of your transducer as the turbulence can throw it off....if too close.

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    What is going to stop one pump from sucking water from the other port when that pump is turned off?

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    Lee I will have check valves on each pump that will stop the water from draining and or being pulled from the other pump

    BCrider I have come to the same conclusion you brought up that I will put a 90 on it and pipe it over to where I have room for the pumps.


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