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Thread: No Kneelers in NASCAR

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    So Josh, as you try to warp my words into a contradiction, do you not see the double standard I was trying to point out? And to be honest - to answer your loaded questions - NO and NO. But I think you missed the point I was making in those statements...

    Again, my actual point and what angers me is about the disrespect for our country and military.

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    Oh boy, here we go... doing something I said I'd never do... posting on a divisive topic.....

    1. The PCU reference / clip is hysterical. “we’re not gunna protest!”

    2. Considering the “off topic” location of Mike’s thread, I find it a perfectly acceptable place for a topic like this to be posted. Like most, I certainly don’t navigate to this forum to read about anything political, but no one is obligated to click on the link to read / participate. Furthermore, I find Mike’s diplomatic tone about as moderate as you will find on a topic as divisive as this appears to be. In my opinion, that’s refreshing when you contrast his approach to all the screaming, yelling, and unsubstantiated claims – on both sides of the debate. I also enjoy reading a variety of viewpoints and find it interesting to learn more about my fellow boaters’ opinions on a topic like this.

    3. While I respect anyone’s right to protest, including kneeling during the national anthem, that right does not exempt them from criticism from those that respectfully disagree. Furthermore, it doesn’t relieve them of any consequences that may result from their actions (see: Kaepernick, Colin and his inability to convince an NFL GM or owner that his talents as a quarterback do not fully compensate for the likely blowback that would occur as a result of his signing).

    4. I would find the kneeling protest a little more palatable if after grabbing the collective attention of the nation that someone respectfully and honestly explained the intent of the protest. And I’m not talking about a bunch of screaming and yelling about police brutality and systemic racism. I need someone to go beyond anecdotal evidence (which in many cases is debunked) and provide me legitimate research and hard data that illustrates exactly what they are claiming (rather than cramming what appears to be a false narrative down everyone’s throats and leveraging a complicit media to perpetuate the claim). Newsflash… athletes have had the opportunity to broadcast your message loud and clear for quite some time now… without making a legitimate point, the approach seems to be superficial and appears to be nothing more than grandstanding.

    5. By no means am I suggesting that our society is devoid of racism. Furthermore, I’m not claiming that police brutality doesn’t exist. However, I’m still waiting for legitimate research that suggests this is an epidemic. That doesn’t make police brutality insignificant or something that we should ignore. But, claiming that it is a systemic problem is unfair to the large majority of faithful law enforcement officers. That is a lazy approach and it has helped create this toxic, divisive, and combative environment. If all parents taught their children to obey the law and respect police officers, violent encounters with law enforcement would plummet. If there is support for their claim, by all means let's roll up our sleeves and figure out how to address the problem.

    6. For those that continue to explain that their kneeling is not meant as disrespect to the flag, our nation, military service members, vets, or Fallen Heroes, I absolutely believe you. I honestly do. But, please understand that there are those that do feel that your actions are disrespectful. You simply cannot control how others feel. I’m not saying you shouldn’t kneel or that you should be fired for your actions (it’s up to the team owner to make a business decision and weigh taking PC approach against possible ramifications of upsetting the majority of your fan base… it really will be interesting to see if those that oppose the kneeling will be galvanized enough to turn their outrage into a movement that forces the NFL to adjust their calculus). And, yes, I recognize that “kneelers” have found active service members, veterans, and Gold Star families ( that have expressed that they are not offended by the “take a knee” protest. That is helpful to their cause and makes for a great sound bite, but let’s not confuse an isolated statement with overwhelming sentiment. To the contrary, I would place a large wager that these folks represent an extreme minority and that the large majority of vets, active military, and Gold Star families believe the “kneelers” are being disrespectful and hurtful. That doesn’t make them right – I just think it would be extremely short-sighted for the protesters to not recognize this high probability.

    7. If we could just channel the time and effort displayed by those protesting into something positive – i.e. actually accomplish something and tackle some of the real and almost unending issues that face our country today rather than mindlessly shouting and protesting – wow, would we be so much better off as a country.

    8. I think my favorite part of being at the lake this summer was avoiding / ignoring all of this nonsense!

    9. Man, social media sucks… I’m not sure why I included this… for some reason it seemed appropriate!

    10. Stepping off of soapbox now

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