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Thread: 2000 21v interior side upholstered panels removal

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    2000 21v interior side upholstered panels removal

    Trying to see if can tighten somewhat loose rear feet of tower and assume can be done underneath gunnel where rear feet meet the boat. If can remove the panels located below where rear feet are located, assume can reach in and hopefully tighten whatever secures the feet to the boat. Anyone know how to remove these panels? Thanks. Walt M.

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    Or you can use a socket with a long extension on a ratchet.

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    The driver side is easy, just the three 1/4-20 nuts on the back side that can be accessed by reaching through the opening facing the helm. Passenger side is a bit more difficult. The screws are hidden in the mid seam if you have the Limited type interior, but on mine all the heads were rusted and stripped. Real careful application of a sawzall and long blade between the hull and the back of the cushion and I was able to cut the stuck screws.


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