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Thread: Crank case oil grade

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    Crank case oil grade

    Would it be ok to use Castrol Edge 10w60 on the 5.7l vortex engine in a 2004 20v

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    I think 60 is a bit thick. 10W40 seems more common in the non-marine oil.
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    We run a 25-40 syn blend in almost all inboards we service besides new volvos and raptor. My favorite customer has a PCM 409 that get a lot of hours of heavily weighted surfing, he's that guy that's at the lake 8 days out of 7 . He also typically comes in 20-30 hours past his service interval. Oil always comes out only slight blackened and still in really good condition , at least visually.
    Why are wanting to run something so thick. Even the Raptor 550 only requires a 50 on top end to handle increased compression ratios.

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    I called Marine Power a couple of years back and they suggested 15w40 conventional or 15w50 synthetic.


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