Hello Folks,

Reaching out to see if someone can help me identify an issue I am facing with our 2001 Tige 2300 V Limited.

The symptoms are as follows:
Turn key to ON position, listen to beeps/checks - Start engine, less than 3 seconds later beep comes back on without any indication on the gauges of a problem with the engine.

Have oil pressure (Just changed oil) - Over 40 with cold engine
Water temp is in range 140-170
Batteries charging 13.89 V
Trans oil light is off

I ran the boat (ignoring the beep) and it goes fine, no signs of any issues.

I looked into the engine bay and around the last area I worked in (I replaced the starter on Friday), and I noticed there is a sender/sensor that my clumsy arse probably hit with a wrench... picture below. As you can see, it was well corroded and brittle, which is why it likely broke. The blue wire is missing the female connector and the sensor is missing the male prong where the blue wire would connect.

The sender is on the fresh water circuit, on the solid pipe going from the impeller to the cooling system. It has two wires coming in to it, which are part of the harness, but I don't know how to tell much more that that from it.

Picture is in a weird angle. You can see the knock-sensor on the top left of the picture, on the background. The hose in the front of the picture also picks up from the same pipe where this sensor is connected.

I am under the impression this is a water flow or water pressure sender. I am almost certain this is the culprit of the never-ending beeping...

Does anyone know what this is?
How can I get a Part Number?
Is this easy to replace? (Looks like I will need to splice the wire and put in a new terminal as well)
Where do I buy it?

Engine is a Mercruiser 350 MAG MPI - 315 HP
Engine number is 0L678171

Thanks in advance.

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