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Thread: Where to put lead?

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    Where to put lead?

    I have a '14 Z1 with the pro ballast. I have ~400 lbs of lead, where should I place the lead? All in the port side rear locker or...? Looking for suggestions.

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    Ahhhh the 14 Z1 GREAT BOAT. Spend a good amount of time on one as DP Powell has the same boat and we have found its limit (for a stock prop).

    I am guessing you have the VX system?
    I am not sure if you are running a listed or aftermarket "slap on" system but here are the weights/settings that I can remember.

    SURF SIDE 100%
    400# Water Ballast Under the Seat SURF SIDE
    BOW 100%
    In the forward bow storage (starboard side) 100 lead
    In the forward bow storage (port side) 100 lead
    Take the addition 200 lead put it as far back as possible under the ballast bags SURF SIDE.
    Speed is really dependent on rider style, but I would start at 10.8 and work from there.
    TAPS2 I would start at 2 and work from there, you'll likely find that 3-5 is probably where you'll end up being happy.
    Ideally you want the Tige logo on the side of the boat almost under water but DO NOT sink the rub rail. The vents for the blower are just above that and can take on water at an alarming rate. Also the activity compartments can take on a bit of water as well if you chop the power to fast when your rider goes down.

    "SLAP ON" Evenly weight setup.
    Keep in mind if you evenly weight the boat and you are trying to re-duplicate a listed wave then you need to run double (or close) the weight.
    The Z1 Hull LOVES these slap on systems and we have tried 3 different system. (DELTA, SWELL, EDGE) All 3 have merit but the EDGE was the best overall for a Z1 IMO.
    BEFORE YOU FILL- Put your Surf System of Choice on the lower chine of the hull below directly below the Tige Logo on the side.
    Leave the 200# Lead in the bow/mid-ship area from the "listed" setup
    Instead of 200# on the surf side run 100# each side under the bags.
    Fill all Water Ballast 100%
    ANY additional weight you have place under the seats and fill to capacity.
    Set Speedset to 10.6
    Taps2 and 4 (the boat WILL struggle to plain-out start Taps at 1 for launch, let the boat plain then pull TAPS2 out of water to 4)
    You are probably going to want to drain 200-300lbs out of the NON-SURF side Rear Ballast to help with height as needed.

    If you are looking to BIG.
    Get ahold of Mikes Liquids Audio (CHPTHRIL here on the Forum) and order his custom Z1 bags. DP Powell is running his bags now and they are INSAINE they fill every inch of the locker and a huge improvement over factory.
    I would recommend the Acme 1235 prop for this boat, as the stock prop really struggles to plain the boat out.

    I have some pictures of the wave I will see if I can find to show you what DP's boat can do, its quite impressive.

    Good Luck!!!!
    My life's journey is not ending up looking pretty, its sliding in broadside, used up, worn out, screaming "What a Ride"


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