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Thread: 22ve acting like a tired dog

  1. 22ve acting like a tired dog

    2007 Tige 22ve, 340HP marine power
    Spent most of yesterday surfing with about an hour of tubing
    After about 5-6 hours of playing I would set my cruise for surfing the boat would get up to speed hold it for about 30 seconds to a minute and then RPM's dropped, total loss of HP. Lifted the throttle back up to try to hit it again rpms jupes up about 750 and then it would fall back down.
    We got some more use out of it when we stopped, turn the engine off, open the hatch, let the kids swim for about 20 mins then after we started surfing we would get about 45 mins in before the issue started again
    Oil pressure was good on the gauge , same as temp. Don't know what's going on.
    Maybe we just played to hard and it was tired. Lol
    Any help or ideas would be greatly appreciated!
    Thank you !

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    Would it happen with and without cruise system on?

  3. When it happened we were on cruise control. After it did happen I tried turning it off and jumping back on the throttle and nothing. Same little bump and blah

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    First guess is fuel delivery. Check fuel rail pressure, drain and/or replace fuel/water separating filter, replace main fuel filter.

    Is this MP engine one that has issues with vapor lock in the fuel pump and related components? Vapor lock is another fuel delivery issue. Temporarily curing it by opening the hatch and letting things cool down a bit suggests vapor lock.

  5. Will do. Have had this boat for going on 3 years. Never had this issue so not sure if this MP motor is the troubled one. Probably so knowing my luck lol.
    On our last run we let it cool down. Got up to speed. It held it for about 4-5 minutes then fell on its face again. Then going. Back to the dock it chugged about 10 mph wide open and took forever to get up to speed but it did

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    could also be some bad fuel. did you pull a sample a look at it?

  7. I'm guilty. I did not pull a sample. The fuel had stabil in it from last season. Before we left for the lake I was about to put 30 gallons in the tank. The old fuel might have been bad. I could smell when it was burning the older fuel.
    Another thing it was 108 degrees yesterday and no wind.
    Bad fuel maybe a part of it because I do remember pulling the tube and there were some moments where I felt sputtering and moments of no power like water being thrown from the prop especially under load while turning

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    Check you high pressure fuel pump assembly 2 wires going to the bottom. Make sure the red wire Didn't pop off(common problem). Get a gauge on your Schrader Vavle but your idle pressure is not the issue it's the 1500RPM+.
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