If anyone can help it would be appreciated. I keep getting a service engine warning on my 2009 rz4 with pcm ex 343. Seems to always pop up when I am just above 3000 rpms (i really dont go much faster than that for the most part) it hasnt happened at all when idling. I took to tige dealer (both within 200 miles of me have only been dealers for a couple years) and he put on computer. He said i was getting spn: 520197 FMI: 4 Voltage below normal or shorted low.

Other issues i have had was a busted serpentine belt, but everything seemed to move freely, and still getting warning after replacing. I have had the info screen stop receiving data (all titles are there with no numbers at all in the fields) and depth sounder is intermittenly not working ( read 949 ft in 30 ft of water, and read 3 ft in 400 ft of water)

Boat seems to be running great, no noises, starts easily, etc. Not sure if it is a wiring issue, battery issue (reads 13.6 volts while running, 12.3 battery voltage and 12.0 ignition voltage) or an alternator issue.

Again any help is appreciated as the dealer really didnt seem to know.

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