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Thread: center pylon on 2000 21v

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    Odd question, but what is your definition of a big wrench?? IF its truly big enough you will twist the head off of said bolts. I know you don't want that to happen but at that point you can grind it flat, center punch it, and drill it out. You may not be generating enough breakaway torque. If you are using an end wrench it's not big enough. If you are using a socket and a breaker bar you are getting closer, but put a cheater on it.
    If you are that determined to remove these bolts. Otherwise just be happy that pylon is tenting cover a bit. Without seeing your cover I can't make definitive statements, but really just pay for either a Hangtyte, or reinforcement and tent pole forward of pylon so cover shedd water properly and you won't care about the pylon.
    Most properly tented covers will never touch the pylon
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    Boat free till 2021 2016 Z3, 1998 2200v us some pics of the base. You did all 4 bolts right??

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    update: finally got with tige, Justin, who suggested removing the black rack the pylon sits in. it's secured by 4 bolts which I removed but it's too heavy for me so ordered a block and tackle to hang from boathouse rafter and will lift from boat. once removed, can really do some hammering with wooden plug at bottom of rack, bottom of pylon, to get it out.

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    Did you ever solve this issue? I am wanting to be able to lower the pylon on my 2000 2100v.

  5. Probably, the author is right. However, on the other side, I am not sure that the removal will be helpful in this case.

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    update on pylon. mfgr rep suggested that heat works against my issue since will make the pylon swell. another winter over without being able to lower the pylon. will keep trying. has to be able to be lowered since rack designed to be lowered. thanks.


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