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Thread: Waterskiing behind a Z3

  1. Waterskiing behind a Z3

    I am looking for comments regarding the quality of the ski wake behind a Z3. I am looking to buy a new Z3, love the boat and all it has to offer, but I am still a waterskier at heart and love my morning runs. Please share your experience, good or bad, if you would please.

    Thank you!

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    The Z3 is the best all around water sports boat tige sells. The slalom wake is probably the smallest of any wake surf boat. The wake however felt hard to me when crossing. I also slalomed behind the supra se 450 which had a bigger wake but felt softer when crossing. Ultimately you have to go demo the boat. I ended up going with the RZX because the lake I'm on the RZX will handle it better and the RZX slalom wake is bigger but softer. I was able to cross the wake without fearing for my life. Ultimately I will surf but at least one of my kids likes to slalom. If he really gets into slalom I might have to buy an old pro star.

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    Yes, yes you will have to buy a ski boat my friend!
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    If you are a serious skier at all your not going to be happy about it. But your not going to be with any other 23 foot V-drive surf specific boat either.

    What are you used to skiing behind?

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    Waterskiing behind a Z3

    Nothing else will be better then a mastercraft pro star or a Malibu response. My opinion!
    I use to slalom behind my friend's Malibu response !
    Friend's rzr is not bad but.....nothing compare real slalom boat
    And then surf with my z1

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    What BOAT to get next??
    Here is video of one from a few years ago. Should still be the same.

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    Video I shot awhile back of my Z3 slalom wave think I was around 33-34 mph and 15 off. Video a bit blurry but can see the cutting at least. Not a DD by any means but does just fine for my needs. Again this is an all around water sports boat, and will give you a good wave for each sport your doing.


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