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Thread: Wet Sounds Tige Z3 Rat Rod Demo Boat and 1930 Model A Rat Rod FINAL

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    Wet Sounds Tige Z3 Rat Rod Demo Boat and 1930 Model A Rat Rod FINAL

    I posted this over on wakeworld as well

    Here it is. Finally finished! The new Wet Sounds Tige Z3 Rat Rod Demo boat. If any has been following us on Facebook you have seen the build. And that I am also building a 1930 Ford Model A Rat Rod that matches. I have always been into hot rods and finally got around to building a rat rod the way I wanted to. So this is why we decided on a Rat Rod Theme demo boat. I wanted to do something different that hasn’t been done before and something that would stand out at a show when being towed by the Rat Rod. Yes, we are building a hitch for the Rat. Not sure how well she will do but I have a Ford 302 that is Dyno’d right at 500 HP so power won’t be an issue. But we might pull the front end off the ground LOL.

    Here are the boat details:

    2013 Tige Z3 with PCM 409 we custom painted flat black with red cat’s and had them send a white cover to match the rest of the boat.
    Pro Ballast system with Convex VX surf attachment
    Boat under the wrap is all black.
    Custom Flat Black Trailer built by Boat Mate. Trailer is John Deere Blitz Black paint with 18” in old school steel wheels in hot rod red. Custom 18 inch Nitto’s with white walls.
    Alpha Z tower flat black.
    All flat black PTM Edge parts. Clamping board racks and mirror
    Every metal part in the boat we painted or powder coated flat black or flat red. From the through hull vents to the cleats, steering wheel and shifter, dash parts, windshield frame. You name it. This was some work to coordinate getting all the parts ahead of time and painting them and getting them back to Tige to be installed as they built the boat.
    Custom interior using a matte white with matte denim texture black and matte denim texture red with black stitching. Tige uses this material for the accent on the boats. We went with the same for the red as well.
    Wet Sounds and Tige stitch on captains chair
    Custom Wet Sounds Sea Dek in teak look.
    5% limo tint on windshield
    Custom Wrap by Sirlin Enterprises. Matte wrap with custom patina and design from scratch done by John Sirlin.

    Stereo: we did the install of the stereo in house with the help from our friend Corey who now works for Mobile Innovations in Katy, TX. The entire system is all Wet Sounds. Except for the Apple TV and Apple airport express and Arc Audio PS8 DSP processor. The boat has it’s own wifi network to play audio, stream video to the Tige Touch Screen and control the RGB led lights off wifi.

    Apple Ipad built into seat base running off Apple Airport Express and Apple TV. Hard wired apple connection for iphone 4 or iphone 5 by driver.
    WS-420 SQ built into plexi panel under helm. Source can be hard wire apple iphone or ipod or switched to the wifi network and played wifi off ipad or any other device. WS-420 SQ is running into the DSP processor. Entire boat is tuned on a laptop.
    3 pairs of SW-650 black with led tweeters and led speaker rings
    2 pairs of SW-808 black with led tweeters and led speaker rings built into fiberglass pods in seat bases with factory vinyl and billet Wet Sounds shield badges
    4 XS-XXX V2 subs
    1 pairs of REV 410 tower speakers in flat black with flat red overlays
    1 set of Wet Sounds REV 410 Tige Alpha Z tower adapters in flat black (a new special order item we have)
    1 Sinister SD6 running interior speakers
    2 Sinister SD2, one on each REV 410
    4 Sinister SD2, one per sub
    All wired with Wet Wire. 0 ga, 4 ga, big block combo distribution blocks, RCA cables, 12 ga speaker wire and rgb wire
    6 XS Power XP3000 batteries for the stereo
    2 Intellipower 80 amp chargers
    4 zones of RGB led. Tower, Speakers, Accent and amps.

    Subs: The stereo start long before the boat was even built. Tige was great letting us come there when it was just a hull and top deck and cut out the center walkway of the top deck and fiberglass the subwoofer enclosure into the actual hull of the boat. The box is for 4 XS-XXX V2 subs. Single box in two chambers. Two woofers per chamber with 6 inch aero ports side firing. The box is ¾ inch marine grade birch that was resin coated. Front is double layer so inch and a half. We then added another piece on top to tie it into the boat and another piece on the back to tie it into the boat. So top and back are also inch and a half. We then glassed in panels into the side of the hull. Connecting the entire thing with fiberglass mat. So the boat is now part of the sub enclosure as the ports fire out the front only. We laid the glass at a curve to create a wave guide for the port. Once the boat was put together. Tige made a center cushion that is the same size as the cooler flip up lid in the walkway. So it looks factory and has the same height as it would if there was still a cooler there. The bass on this boat is un real. I have never heard a boat that loads like this one does. It hits so hard and low and fills the entire boat since the boat is essentially a sub box. You cannot localize where the bass is coming from. It just fills the entire cabin. A press fit trim panel wrapped in factory vinyl covers the woofers with mesh for the vents. A AS-10 sub grille is in the center where we cut a hole for more bass to vent when the seat is closed.

    Amps: we cut the seat bases out. We cut CNC templates so the cuts are exact and cut plexi on the CNC machine with a rabbeted edge to press fit from the rear that is glued in. Not a visible screw anywhere. The amps are inside amp boxes that hinge down to adjust with built in push pull fans wraopped in factory carpet. So we lost very little storage. The amp boxes are lit with RGB led to give a infinity mirror effect. Each amp badge has been changed to RGB.

    Tower: Since the last boat had 4 REV 10. We wanted to do REV 410 on this boat but the Alpha Z tower is designed for 4 rev 8 or 4 rev 10. So we designed a billet CNC bracket that attaches to the top location and pushes the REV 410 over for more head room. I think the REV 410 look perfect on this tower. These adapters were no easy thing to design and build. They start out as a solid block of billet and are CNC’d down with the factory tower mount recess inside to mate to. With two mounting wings out the sides for the REV 410 to through bolt to from the inside.

    Speakers: We built fiberglass pods in the sides with two pairs of SW-808 kicked at an angle to bring the sound stage up. We went with the factory rear locations for the SW-650 and factory location for the port mid location and added a speaker behind the driver as the factory is normally under the dash. Factory bow locations were used up front.

    Wiring and power: we used the center rear seat access door as a location for the fuse distribution. The entire floor pivots up for access to the boat. So we ran the wire up and back so you can still pull the floor up as normal. Three XS Power 3000 are under each of the seats in between the sides and rear lockers to not take up any storage for 6 XS Power batteries total just for the stereo. The Intellipower chargers are installed behind the factory starboard rear access panels. We cut holes in the panel to view the voltage readouts on the chargers.

    LED: There are 4 zones of LED’s. We control the entire thing off the iRule iphone or ipad app off the wifi network. We wrote the gui to be able to control each zone independently, all zones at once, beat to the music, flash and so on.

    I would like thank those who really made this build possible.

    Rick, Danny, Jean, Eddie G and everyone at Tige Boats. We truly appreciate the help everyone had in helping to get this boat built. They are great people who went way out of their way to let us do some crazy stuff on this boat.
    Owen at Boat Mate Trailers for building an awesome trailer. This is our third Boat Mate and we love them.
    Nathan and Scotty at XS Power. Without their awesome batteries, we would not be able to have a system like this.
    Josh at Sirlin Wraps. Josh really got my concept of what I wanted for a wrap. He had drew the rust and patina. It looks amazing
    Horaciao at Nice Rack for the amazing CNC work on these crazy brackets. Many long nights and some broken machines later.
    Dave at Kopriva Body Works in Houston for all the custom paint. Dave did a awesome job getting all the custom painted parts and color matches done.
    Trey at PCM Engines

    And for our team at Wet Sounds. Brett, Corey and Simon. They have all spent a lot of time on this boat. The joke is no matter how much time I have on the water in it, it still wont equal to the time they have spent in it!

    We will be at shows with the boat and if we ever get the rat rod done this year. We will have them at our booth at the SEMA show in vegas so if anyone goes to SEMA, come see us.

    Here are some pictures below of both.


    Wet Sounds
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    Rat Rod:

    I am building the car from scratch. Brandon and Dustin at Showtime Metal Works out of Taylor, Texas and I are working many long nights getting her together. They normally build show trucks. With many being featured in Truckin magazine. Their black chevy was on the cover a few month back. But metal is metal! So this car is a rat rod but being built like a tank.

    Car is a 1930 Ford Model A Fordor that we have turned into a 2 door. We have welded the back doors in and cut the center pillars out to create a long side window. We have suicide the front doors and cut the pillars out so it is a small door. Chopped the top 5 inches and cut 1 inch out of the lower body. We had a custom one off frame by Donnie at West Texas Speed shop in Amarillo, Texas. Donnie has been great building us a crazy frame. 18 inch Z in the rear with a triangulated 4 link air bag set up. 8 inch front arms and speed holes through the entire frame. Suicide front end set up. Ford 9 inch narrowed rear end. Disc brakes all the way around. My buddy John has been working hard on the Ford 302. We did a weiand high rise intake with dual holley 450 carbs. And a nice cam to give some lope. Hooked to a green dot Ford C4 transmission built by Columbus Transmission in Texas. Rear tires are a old school pie crust white wall made by Towel City Racing tires with old school firestone white wall front runners. Running 16 inch red steels all the way around. Interior has two bomber seats and we are hand fabricating the interior from scratch. We have built the speed hole door panels and floor pans. Right now we have the body on frame and are about the drop the motor and trans in and start getting it all together. The body was blasted with walnut husks to strip it down. We are letting it rust up nicely on the outside. And we will be finding some way to get some Wet Sounds in the rod as well.

    Wet Sounds
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    Just flat awesome man!

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    Tim White gave his father 'the talk'.
    When opportunity knocks, if Tim's not home, it waits.

    Great work, I love what you have done!
    Be excellent to one another.

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    Vision. Execution. Amazing work

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    Thats amazing that the boat looks like its flat black on one angle and another it looks rustic. Unreal man!

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    I want to see the boat on the water!

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    Yea, I bet that isn't loud at all.

    Very nicely done, sir!

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    Even painted the wheel on the trailer jack. Super dope dude. Thanks posting up pics.
    You'll get your chance, smart guy.

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    Thanks everyone. Love this boat. Super happy with the way it all came together

    Quote Originally Posted by NICKYPOO View Post
    Even painted the wheel on the trailer jack. Super dope dude. Thanks posting up pics.
    im adding a white wall to the trailer jack wheel too. just havent gotten around to it LOL

    Wet Sounds

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    Mother F in amazing. I see why that clamp is going to be pricy!
    2011 Tigé RZ4

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    I hope to see it some where in person!

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    This boat is at a whole new level.

    Looks great, good job!
    I'm on a boat man. I got my flippy floppies....

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    more pics
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