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Thread: How to Embed Flickr Galleries

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    How to Embed Flickr Galleries

    This thread will show you how to embed Flickr slideshows in to your posts. Flickr is an image sharing site which allows you to upload and share photos with anyone. Thanks to Robert (ragboy) for providing the code. Without him I would have probably never attempted this.

    To embed Flickr sets (ie galleries or slideshows) you must have an account with them. There are free accounts and paid accounts. I personally have a paid account with them as well and love their tools and sharing capabilities.

    There are two things that you need for this to work.
    1. Your account name. (the name you signed up with)
    2. The set id or gallery id (a long number)

    I am using Tigé.com's Flickr account name and set id as an example below. Here is what there "2010 Boat Shows" slideshow looks like,

    In this example, tigeboats (in blue) is the account name. The set id or gallery id is the long number (in red).

    Now on to embedding slideshows

    1. Start by creating a thread or replying to one.
    2. You should now be in the "Reply to Thread " or "Create thread" view.
    3. Click the blue and pink dot icon in the upper right corner. Looks like this,
    4. You should get the prompt, "Please enter the option for your [FLICKR] tag:" In there add your account name.
    5. Next you should have a tag that looks similar to this,
      HTML Code:
    6. Finally add your set id or gallery id within the brackets.
      HTML Code:
      [FLICKR="tigeboats"]insert your slideshow id here[/FLICKR]

    And Here is the slideshow embedded using the same account name and set id.

    If you have any questions feel free to post here.
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    Thanks for the tips Matt.
    We're all now dialed in.

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