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Denham Awning Makers

We make Tige Boat Tarps!!

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At Denham Awning Makers - DAM Covers - for over 40 years we have been manufacturing premium quality/custom fit Boat Tarps.

We manufacture the ideal boat tarp for both storage and transportation. Denham Awning Makers has developed a system of patterning and cataloging thousands of model specific boat tarps, to give you a custom fit every time.
Only quality materials and workmanship go into the production of our tarps. Marine Finish Canvas or Solution Dyed Polyester, the fabric and color choice is yours.
Careful attention to details such as: wear points, reinforcing, protective tie down flaps, double stitched seams, generous overhang protection, attached motor covers and heavy duty web loops are all design features to protect your boating investment.

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