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How much ballast is to much

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I bought a 07 tige 24ve last year and love it this year I'm just getting into wake surfing and finally getting it tuned in for a great wake to surf on . I wanted to keep it as original as I can, it does have the factory ballast system . So I currently have the 2 -300 pound factory tanks in the back I also have 2 -750 pound sacs in the lockers and I have 2-370 pound sacks in the side seats and the 300 pound factory in the front . I actually took the sacks out of the side seats and placed one on the rear seat and 1 on middle of the floor and started using a wake shaper that i made that suctions on the side of the boat and I fill everything up on the boat I definitely get a lot more push and speed with this set up instead of loading one side of the boat ,so I roughly have about 3000 pounds of ballast and I run at 11.5 mph and taps at 5.5 . My question is do you think I could or should add more ballast to the boat to make the wake even better or just keep it where it is at I don't want to over do it and add to much ballast but if there is any room for improvement I definitely want to do it im addicted now .Any Advice you would have would be greatly appreciated . I attached a pic of me surfing last weekend and there was only 2 adults and 2 -50 pound kids in the boat at the time i was surfing.
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  1. robert theisen's Avatar
    Looks good now.