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Mission Delta Surf Shaper for R20

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I have a 2015 Tige' R20. Anyone try the mission delta surf shaper on it? If so, how much weight would you recommend in the port and starboard ballast lockers?

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  1. bsreid's Avatar
    I haven't had the best luck with suc gates on this boat. The curve of the hull just doesn't like to be stuck to. Although when I found the right placement after forever it was pretty decent. I would recommend running full rears, as much as possible and stock fronts.

    Not sure if you know this but typically people post under the forum section not the blog.
  2. Buckeye71's Avatar
    Thanks for the info. Kind of new to this. I'll try and post on forum if it will gather more info. Thx again.
  3. Tayin1993's Avatar
    I will put a weight of about 100kg. I goes to the gym daily and put weight every day. I read the same article by Isabelle. I like weight lifting so I can do it.