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  1. 2013 rzr starboard bow ballast bag leaking at fill inlet

    Quote Originally Posted by Stone2012 View Post
    The bag is leaking under neath the bow seats I took it out and was unable to fix it is there anyway I can order a new one that will take its place and be exact fit
  2. Upholstery for a 2001 23v rider

    Quote Originally Posted by Scarniglia View Post
    First time on this..anybody know the warranty on Tige upholstery?
    Thank you in advance..Stacey
  3. We make Tige Boat Tarps!!

    Quote Originally Posted by Denham Awning Makers View Post
    At Denham Awning Makers - DAM Covers - for over 40 years we have been manufacturing premium quality/custom fit Boat Tarps.

    We manufacture the ideal boat tarp for both storage and transportation. Denham Awning Makers has developed a system of patterning and cataloging thousands of model specific boat tarps, to give you a custom fit every time.
    Only quality materials and workmanship go into the production of our tarps. Marine Finish Canvas or Solution Dyed Polyester,
  4. Very stiff steering

    Quote Originally Posted by ChrisSnow View Post
    Rudder removal is easy. Inside the boat on the arm on the rudder there is a bolt or two and it slides out the bottom. The bonded housing says on the boat and the rudder just slides out on the shaft. Will need to grease it up when refitting.

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  5. How much ballast is to much

    I bought a 07 tige 24ve last year and love it this year I'm just getting into wake surfing and finally getting it tuned in for a great wake to surf on . I wanted to keep it as original as I can, it does have the factory ballast system . So I currently have the 2 -300 pound factory tanks in the back I also have 2 -750 pound sacs in the lockers and I have 2-370 pound sacks in the side seats and the 300 pound factory in the front . I actually took the sacks out of the side seats and placed one ...
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