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  1. It is not too early to think about restoring your gel coat

    Gel coat oxidation can be seen by the fading of color as well as the chalky feel that is on the surface. Oxidation which is caused by UV degradation of the gel coat is caused by several factors ranging from chemical exposure to environmental.

    Step 1 Surface Prep
    1. Surface Prep, Gel Coat Oxidation and Scratch Removal

    To effectively remove oxidation and deep scratches the surface of your boat’s hull needs to be abraded starting with wet sanding in severe cases ...
  2. Customer Testimonial on Hula Boat Care's 3 Step Gel Coat Restoration Kit

    Preview: Testimonial on 3-Step Restoration
    Great Customer Testimonial and Hula's 3 Step Restoration Kit!

    Thanks so much for the prompt shipping and the handwritten note on the invoice was a tremendous personal touch as well. The product EXCEEDED my expectations! I had a side business through high school and after college for almost 10 years doing automotive detailing and car stereos and this 3 stage kit is by far the best, highest quality product I have come across. The Gel ...
  3. Join in the Celebration. Hula Boat Care’s 5th Anniversary

    Hula Boat Care, manufacturer of water conscious, boat detailing products has reached a milestone. Hula Boat Care is celebrating its 5th anniversary.

    Founded in 2011, Hula Boat Care has developed professional grade boat care products that provide effective results with minimal effort for enthusiasts and professionals alike. Each formulation is designed for the marine environment and reflects the relaxed, island lifestyle attitude boating enthusiast embrace.

    Innovative ...

    As boat owners we want the deepest shine and lasting results with the minimal amount of time away from the water. Professional results are possible when you use quality products like Hula Boat Care’s gelcoat and surface care waxes and compounds. When matched with Hula’s line of boat detailing foam and wool pads, along with the right technique, you can leave your boat with a world-class shine!

    Taking this idea further we have developed the following recommendations for getting the ...
  5. Team Hula's Ashley Kidd Wins Again and Wake Surfing Events Schedule Update

    Hula's own Ashley Kidd took another first place at the US Nationals. Name:  Ashley-Kidd-US-Nationals-Winner-Hula-Boat-Care.jpg
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    Below is a list of upcoming Wake Surfing Events Sponsored by Hula Boat Care Products:

    Sept 12/13 - Annual Fall Qualifier at Marble Falls TX

    Sept 20 - Barrel Boss at Austin TX

    Sept 24-26 - World Wake Surfing Championship at Blue Water Resort & Casino, Parker, AZ

    Oct 8 - Pirates Foilers Take Over Apache Lake at Apache Lake ...

    Updated 09-02-2015 at 04:41 PM by Hula Boat Care

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